Sunday, 17 January 2010

Photoshoot today!

Rony, Jon & I went and done our photoshoot today. Was fun! We spent most of the time doing it whilst listening to our tracks. Whilst doing some mad poses which reflect our style and character.

When it got to last 30mins of our time, Jon flung on Some Drum & Bass(starting with Planet Dust) and we all came alive. At this point, we got to doing our cameo shots, which was fun :-)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Full bodied Red Wine

Yesterday was a cool day. Woke up extra early.. like at 8am!! grrrr

Went to Brixton for 1pm to meet with Rony Blue, we had some work to do in preparation for the campaign plan . We did that till 4.20pm.
Rony Blue, John Audio and me had a conference with Jeremy Sylvester to discuss promo plans and stuff.

After all business was dealt with, i got drunk on some kinda full bodied red wine!

I'm still hungover.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Just another day at the studio

Linked up with John Audio & Rony Blu for a studio session today. We made some amazing music, makes me believe that we are on track for all deadlines. We have still yet to get the logo sorted for the group, Jeremy has sorted out a website for us to push our workz. It's all systems go now!

Jeremy has passed us another smasher of a tune for the album, it's absolutely there, John is mad excited about it. The guitars are somewhat amazing.

Had a few glasses of merlot, a full bodied red wine. So not going to do a long entry today.

Starting to get used to this blogging thingy, look out for more entries from me! DVSMC

Friday, 8 January 2010

I just wanted to be the first to post something!

As a test post, I shall be the first to add words to our new online blogfest. Hopefully you can all see this perfectly. 

Jeremy is really good at music making and sound manipulation
John is good at talking fast
Rony is good at blagging stuff
I (DVS) am just good at sleeping lots and lots.

We're like the teenage mutant ninja turtles, here to save the world from rubbish music and to inspire future generations with the words we speak through our sing songs :-)